Some of the neatest things about running your own blog is that you can share your opinions on items that you’ve purchased or used. One of the items I would like to tell you about (which I received and tested out myself) is something I never thought I would personally ever use, a stainless steel drinking straw.

Yep, that’s right. A steel drinking straw. A reusable, green, Eco-Friendly,  sustainable to the earth, and pollution resistant reusable steel straw. Lol. After using it a few times, it is kind of neat. Its fun to use, easy to clean, and gets lots of comments and conversations going. In fact, when out and about in hipster San Francisco, its almost like a novelty accessory, much like a baby or a cute puppy.

steel straw

Steel drinking straw in a coke can

Apparently its a really high quality stainless steel straw (compared to those on amazon, ebay, dhgate, etc.) because its made with 316 stainless steel, instead of 304 stainless steel which is more commonly used. The straw does feel substantial, and it really does look pretty nice.

ecofriendly steel straws

A handful of these Eco-Friendly Straws

The tips are nicely polished and beveled on the inside and outside edge, so there are no sharp edges to cut or catch your tongue. In fact, its finished in a way that looks like it was handmade and with care. All in all, I feel that for a green, granola, earth-lovin’, tree-huggin’, novel and yet practical utensil, this one is pretty useful.

To learn more about them, head over to www.themanlystraw.com and tell them I sent ya…maybe Ill get some for cheap/free! I grabbed the pics on my site from their site with their permission of course 😉 wink wink.