Hi. Thanks for taking the time to read this blurb about my little blog I have running. As you could see its not updated often or even updated with consistent topics. I tend to get myself interested in new and different things quite quickly–my wife says I get bored easily and cant just sit and do nothing. I tend to think that is a good quality of mine, but it also sometimes gets me in trouble since these new interests become “all-consuming” for a short period of time. I think when it does, it’s because I run into problems or obstacles which forces me to learn and conduct more research into the solution for whatever it is i’m working on at the time.

I don’t enjoy spending money on myself, and tend to think the more I learn to do on my own, the better off I am. Thats why this blog is called “Be cheap and DIY.” Go figure. But why the blog? Its quite simple really…While in the midst of my self-learning autodidacticism (

I hope to document some of my projects, ideas, and opinions on this site given enough time, and hope that others might find them useful or interesting.

About me:
Im 36 years old and work from home in the San Francisco Bay area. I Have three kids under 7yo and work from home doing commercial video production and assorted websites.

I went to SFSU and earned a BA in Social Science, with a minor in Consumer and Family Sciences – so that’s why there may be some social ideas mixed in with the technological banter. Im deeply concerned with matters of social justice but like many people, have a hard time trying to reconcile my broader thoughts about this with my daily activities. How does one combine a day job in technology and seek to work for social justice? I still haven’t quite figured that out. If you know how, please let me know.

I am also a new parent and my family brings me much joy. I also have two rabbits named mopsey and mo who are a little anti-social (and just today, my wife and I saw them doing it like well, you know…rabbits. Which sort of traumatized my wife for some reason).

Thats about it for me, hope you enjoy this blog.