How to fix a broken /sbin/reboot which powers off instead of reboots on openpogo

After getting my Seagate Dockstar, I experimented with installing openpogo and plugbox linux. In my attempt to install plugbox linux after I installed openpogo, and then installing openpogo over the plugbox installation, I succeeded in breaking my reboot command. Instead of a reboot when typing /sbin/reboot, the dockstar would just power off and I would have to unplug and reinsert the power plug back into the dockstar for it to power back on.

After some searching, I found that plugbox linux changes up the boot parameters using blparam. I figured that the /sbin/reboot was indeed working fine, but it would just freak out when trying to check for installed linux kernels on attached USB storage devices upon reboot. Reverting to the original bootload parameter worked for me and fixed /sbin/reboot so I didnt have to power cycle the unit by physically pulling the plug.

I didnt find this command easily by searching how to fix a broken reboot command so I figured I would post it on my blog for others who may run into the same problem.

To fix /sbin/reboot, SSH into your device, enable rw access to the file system and enter in:

/usr/local/cloudengines/bin/./blparam ‘bootcmd=run bootcmd_original’

you should be able to issue an /sbin/reboot and have it reboot like normal!

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2 thoughts on “How to fix a broken /sbin/reboot which powers off instead of reboots on openpogo

  1. usalian

    hi found your blog after searching for solution to this very same problem that I been having. I did what u said above and am able to reboot using /sbin/reboot.

    But i am not able to get the plugbox to boot. Do you have this problem too ? I am only getting the pogoplug to boot up and not the usb plugbox.

    This is a really killing me..

  2. Blog Master Post author

    I was actually never able to get plugbox to boot either, only openpogo. It turned out that it was better anyway because plugbox disables which ended up being pretty useful even though I had no original need for it. Plus, the apps available did what I wanted…which was asterisk and transmission, and I can easily revert back to default operation easily.

    I did read somewhere that it was because of pogoplugs new firmware that plugbox installs were having issues.

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